Press Release 001… 3•3•15•

Our primary objective is to make and deliver the best music and art that we love and are creating new and inspiring ways of running a Record Label based upon our shared philosophies. POI is an organisation that has no owners. We will generate income and secure funding to cover our operating costs. We have chosen a not-for-profit organisational structure that encapsulates the fundamental Poi philosophy. We are fair with our valued artists who will receive the majority of the profits for the work they create. We're already on this mission creating together, working with artist's of all genre's to do what they do best; make music and art and reach a wider audience. The real art IS that moment that we share together. The real art is you and me. We will release at least 2 singles per month and 9 albums in the first year on magickal and auspicious times and dates. We are people with real human experience that is shared. We are the change that we want to see, through Love and Light. ••••••••• Poi Foundations Poi Records is a sound recording, multi media and live performance community. Based in Manchester, England and delivering music and arts right around the world... Poi branches off into Poi Paint & Print offering T-shirts, limited artwork prints and digital content. Poi Words, publishing poetry, books and producing spoken word podcasts. Poi live, touring label artists and DJ's. Poi Broadcast, incorporating radio, video and short features and documentaries. And Poi People. A counselling and pastoral service, a unique aspect of our organisation. Over the coming months we will be launching the various satellites of Poi. ••••••••• First Release On The 3•3•15• Poi Records will launch with the release of it's first single... Stop Man! by HybridVigor featuring Basil Clarke on vocals... This upbeat groove will get your head nodding and your feet tapping. Bouncing bassline, hot horns and a positive talking blues vocal. "It's gotsta go!" Carl Adesile... Composer/arranger/producer, keys, breaks and beats. With over 30 years experience in music working with a host of gifted musicians over the years. Mixing and mastering for Poi Records and managing Poi Legacy. Geo... Composer/arranger, electric bass, guitars and tweaks. 25 years creating music and now composing and producing for Poi Records. Poi Paint & Print and Poi Words manager. Artistic Director of the organisation. Carl and Geo have been collaborating on tunes since 1990 and have built a strong foundation and mutual understanding when creating tunes from the ground bass up. Stop Man! (Featuring Basil Clarke) front man of seminal Manchester band Yargo, who's tune The Other Side of Midnight was used as the title track on Tony Wilson's music programme on Granada TV. ••••••••• Poi Mission Statement and Philosophy The Poi People have been working in music for decades and have founded the Poi Community as creative, talented specialists who have come together to create great arts, collaborating with amazing and gifted artists. Every person that we have on board has come along through mutual respect and friendship, they have expertise in all areas of the arts and will be working with people all around the world. Mindfulness, kindness, honesty, support and creativity are fundamental foundations at Poi. The art isn't what we produce... The painting, music, film or words created are simply an echo of life, capturing this, The Eternal Moment in which we exist. The real art IS that moment that we share together. The real art is you and me...   Poi is enabling people to make a real and significant difference in their lives through using arts to create and express themselves. We are the change that we want to see, through Love & Light. ••••••••• Poi People   Carl Adesile... Producer, Mixdown & Mastering, Post Production, Poi Legacy Manager... Sean Adrian... Musician, artist, Poi Broadcast Manager... Geo... Producer/Arranger, Artistic Director... Poi Paint & Print, Poi Words Manager... ••••••••• Poi Social Media Web Links ••••••••• ••••••••• ••••••••• ••••••••• ••••••••• •••••••••