Jali... Cumalamwe... Poi Records PR005s 21•5•15• Like so many others, I first met Jali Nyonkoling Kuyateh in Picccadilly Gardens. I was sat with GG who was touched by the honesty and realness of Jali's playing. We both just sat there and embraced the moment. Some time afterwards, I asked Jali to come to my home and play at a Solstice gathering. Not only did he play for hours, after food he led a little workshop with the children and folks that just wanted to 'have a go' then he continued throughout the evening playing for a few people at a time, away from the main party. Jali came back to my studio and we recorded 6 songs from which this single is brought to you. A simple set up in a large Georgian parlour. Just 4 microphones, flat EQ and recorded in just one take, ably engineered by Brendan and Richard. I asked Jali about the meaning of the words in this song. He simply said that it is "Advice to the young ones... They have to listen to the Elders and give them respect..." Each time I play these songs they move me, the ernest playing of tunes handed down from his forefathers, his ancestors. From The Gambia to Manchester and back out all around the world... Geo, May 2015.