hybridVigor... Stop Man!HybridVigor Press Release March 2015 3•3•15• Poi Records launches with the release of it's first single... Stop Man! by HybridVigor featuring Basil Clarke on vocals... This upbeat groove will get your head nodding and your feet tapping. Bouncing bassline, hot horns and a positive talking blues vocal. "It's gotsta go!" Carl Adesile... Composer/arranger/producer, keys, breaks and beats. With over 30 years experience in music working with a host of gifted musicians over the years. Mixing and mastering for Poi Records and managing Poi Legacy. Geo... Composer/arranger, electric bass, guitars and tweaks. 25 years creating music and now composing and producing for Poi Records. Poi Paint & Print and Poi Words manager. Artistic Director of the organisation. Carl and Geo have been collaborating on tunes since 1990 and have built a strong foundation and mutual understanding when creating tunes from the ground bass up. Stop Man! (Featuring vocals from Basil Clarke) front man of seminal Manchester band Yargo, who's tune The Other Side of Midnight was used as the title track on Tony Wilson's music programme on Granada TV.   Check out the first review we received for this single... http://thepennyaliner.com/2015/03/05/manchesters-poi-records-launch-debut-single/